For All The Glory

2012 AQHA/APHA Sorrel Overo Stallion


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For All The Glory " Rango"

Halter Stallions all ages - 9th place
Halter Stallions 2 year olds - 4th place
Amateur halter stallions - 10th place

Stallions like this do not happen by chance.  

'Rango' is the culmination of the efforts of 15 of the world’s top breeders breeding the best sires to the best mares over the last four generations.  This colt’s sire and every one of his grandsires , great grandsires and great-great grandsires were World Champions and World Champion sires with the exception of one.  This colt’s dam and every one of his grand-dams, great-dams, were daughters of World Champions  producers with the exception of one four generations ago.

Simply stated – out of the 30 horses over 4 generations on his extended pedigree – only 3 were not either a World Champion or the progeny of a World Champion!  

It gets better!   Rango is double registered – AQHA and APHA.  If you breed him to your straight quarter mare, and you get paint color – great!   You can show that horse at all the paint shows and in quarter horse performance classes.  If you don’t get paint color, you can show this foal in all AQHA classes and APHA SPB classes.  If you are not wanting to show, without a doubt, you would be raising an outstanding individual.

Rango is broke to ride and shows huge potential as a jumper. He has done 1.10m and has great disposition with smooth gaits.

We are standing this young stallion to a limited number of mares and will be very selective about any outside mares he is bred to.  Significant consideration  provided to proven mares and/or show homes.

Shipped semen available.

"Rango" being jumped 1m by an eleven year old.